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martedì 30 luglio 2013


( 1900 X 1200 ) 

Per chi non l'avesse visto: 

Bellissimo !!! 

Testo :

She Said, He Said - a prequel by Steven Moffat
CLARA: One day you meet the Doctor. And of course, it's the best day ever. It's just the best day of your life. Because, because he's brilliant, and he's funny, and mad, and best of all, he really needs you. The trick is, don't fall in love. I do that trick quite a lot, sometimes twice a day. And once you start running, you start to forget, slowly. After a while, you just stop asking. Who are you? Where are you from? What set you on your way and where are you going? Oh, and what is your name? You get used to not knowing. I thought I never would. I was wrong. I know who he is. I know how he began and I know where he's going. I know the truth about the Doctor and his greatest secret. The day we went to Trenzalore.
DOCTOR: From the beginning, she was impossible. The Impossible Girl. I met her in the Dalek Asylum. Never saw her face, and she died. I met her again in Victorian London, and she died. Saved my life both times, by giving her own. But now she's back and we're running together, and she's perfect. Perfect in every way for me. Except she can't remember that we ever met. Clara. My Clara. Always brave, always funny, always exactly what I need. Perfect. Too perfect. Get used to not knowing. I thought I never would. I was wrong. I know who Clara Oswald is. I know how she came to be in my life, and I know what she will always mean. I found out the day we went to Trenzalore.

1 commento:

  1. Uao , bello !!:), ma non l'hanno mai trasmesso in Italia ?..
    peccato che nella nuova serie non ci sia più Clara e questo Doc Who :(

    Complimenti per il wall , originale l'idea della sovrapposizione immagine Tardis , universo e Clara :)!